Essential Summer Accessories For Your Motorhome

Whether you have been running for cover from light showers, braving it in your shorts when a glimmer of sun peeps through the clouds or lamenting with your neighbours about the lack of sun so far this year, it’s time to face facts that the Great British Summer is now upon us…..whatever the weather.

Below we have detailed some of our top motorhome accessories that will keep you smiling on your motorhome excursion: rain or shine:

  • Outdoor furniture is a must for the summer; setting out a summer dining table or a comfy outdoor lounger is one of the many unspoken little pleasures of owning a motorhome. Make sure that your furniture is as lightweight as possible and is collapsible for easy transit.
  • Manually and electronically operated awnings are one of the most popular motorhome accessories we have in stock. The Dometic awning ranges we have at Travelworld help you manage the room inside effectively by providing extra living area space. An awning can be critical to the comfort you enjoy, especially if you have a small motorhome. Larger awnings provide an extra sleeping area if you plan on having guests stay over while you are holidaying. Even if you have a small awning that simply supplies a covered, gazebo-style area next to your motorhome you will feel the benefit of the additional space. Style is also a consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect awning. Our Fiamma and Dometic ranges come in a range of different colours and sizes made from durable material suited to all weathers.
  • Bike racks are essential for the majority of outdoor-loving motorhome owners. With a bike rack, your dirty bike need never step foot inside your spick and span vehicle. However, do remember to ensure you don’t block windows when you are mounting your bike rack and remember that the weight you load on will be added to the overall weight of your vehicle so you will need to make sure you have this payload weight available. It’s advisable to be aware of weight permissions before you purchase. Our service department is able to fit bike racks in a range of different new or used motorhome models(the ideal time to get one fitted).
  • Second Leisure Batteries are very handy in an age where being ‘connected’ is fast becoming a basic service requirement. When you are on the move in your motorhome you may have had to sacrifice one device so you can charge another. With a second battery you don’t have to do this or if this is not a factor, you can use a second battery for use with high-powered appliances, like hair dryers.
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