Anchoring An Awning

High winds can easily rip out an awning which has not been correctly anchored. This can tear the canopy as well as causing you more hassle having to fix it.

Before you set up camp make sure you have the correct tools at the ready for anchoring the awning. If possible, choose an area with soft ground and pitch it up during a calm or non-existent breeze.

Follow our brief step-by-step guide to help you when anchoring your motorhome's awning.

  • Get your tools at the ready: a hammer, anchor weights, stakes and tension straps
  • Spiral stakes are popular as they offer extra holding power and can be used on a range of terrains
  • Fully extend the canopy of the awning using the instructions given by the manufacturer
  • Pull out the legs of the awning and insert the ends into the sockets on the motorhome wall, creating a triangular shape
  • Lift the legs out of the wall sockets and plant into the ground creating a right angle
  • Hammer steel stakes to further tighten the legs in the ground
  • If you want extra peace of mind you can use anchor weights to secure the legs
  • If heavy winds begin, lower your awning to keep it grounded

There are a range of different anchoring systems on the market. Try to choose one that keeps the surrounding turf as intact as possible and does not create any falling hazards. 

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