Six Tips For Staying Cool In Your Motorhome This Summer

It can be hard to imagine the fuss about sunlight and heat getting your motorhome when many of us have not forgotten about the rain and the cold from the winter.


However, if like many other enthusiasts this summer, you are planning to take your motorhome away with you to certain sunshine then it is worth remembering a few pointers to ensure you get the most out of your summer trip.


Where air conditioning is concerned, make sure you keep the A/C filters clean. It’s often possible to use warm soapy water to clean yourself; always ensure they are thoroughly dried before putting them back to use.


Ventilation is key to cooling your motorhome. Using air vent covers can help with this; you can place them on yourself easily and it will also stop unwanted odours from creeping inside.


Getting a pitch in the shade can also help keep you cool, if there doesn’t seem like there are any spare, make sure you ask at the camping ground where you are staying as there could be one tucked away or one about to be vacated by someone else. Keeping appliances like your roof and your air-con shaded can help they stay more efficient.


If you like alfresco dining then why not try alfresco cooking? Lots of cooking inside your motorhome will also help it cook too and it could be too hot to be comfortable come bedtime.


Keep the cool air circulating naturally by closing windows on the sunny side of your motorhome and opening them on the shady side. You should also pull down the shades where sun is shining in to stop that area being warmed up by the direct sunlight.


If you have an awning then use it as it will create shade for the inside of your unit. Even better if you have a sunscreen built in to your awning as this will allow for more outside living space.

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