How To Clean A Motorhome Awning

Awnings need to be cleaned routinely. Regular outdoor dining means there can be all kinds of food and drink stains on your motorhome's canopy.

Grass marks, mildew and bird droppings are other stains which are easily acquired. Tree sap can fall onto your canopy if you are positioned close to trees and it can be one of the most onerous types of stain to remove.

Taking heed of a few maintenance tips could spare you future costly repair work. See below our simple guide on how to clean your awning.

  1. Tools required: awning cleaner, bleach; hose; rubber gloves; ladder; soft hand brush; sponge
  2. It is a good idea to check the weather before starting your cleaning job. Strong sun light can dry out an awning cleaner prematurely making it ineffective
  3. Pull out your awning to its maximum capacity before you begin cleaning
  4. Spray the cover with your chosen awning cleaner ( you may prefer bleach diluted with water) and roll it up to wet both sides
  5. Leave it rolled up for 60 minutes allowing for the cleaner to work
  6. Get your ladders or brush extender at the ready if you need them
  7. Extend the awning again. This time use a soft brush to remove any more stubborn stains. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the canopy to avoid removing any water resistance inbuilt in the material
  8. For tree sap you can apply ice cubes to the affected area. Once the ice has gelled to the stain carefully chip the sap away
  9. Use a hose to rinse off the excess cleaner
  10. Try to clean your awning as a matter of routine as it is much easier to tackle than ground in stains or mildew stains
  11. For cleaning the hardware of your awning e.g. the screws, bolts and springs, you should always remove any rust at the earliest opportunity . Wipe down with a sponge after use and if moving parts become stiff use WD-40 to lubricate.
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