Maintaining Your Motorhome Water System

Maintaining your motorhome water system is imperative for all owners, regardless of what system you have installed or what pattern of water use you have.

Many modern motorhome water systems comprise of dual-filled boilers and separate taps in the kitchen. Others will simply have a water tank and waste that moves to a container outside the vehicle.

Below are some transferrable and basic tips on how you can keep your water system safe, clean and workable.

  • If you are storing your home away for winter then draining the whole system before temporarily retiring your motorhome is a popular option. This avoids left over water freezing the whole system in frosty snaps of weather
  • Equally, when spring arrives there can be mould left in tanks and pumps which can cause serious health issues if ingested; flushing your system is a good time then too
  • Use Milton steriliser. This is a non-toxic substance effective in removing germs and bacteria
  • Use 30ml of fluid to every 5 litres of water
  • Pour the mix into the fresh water holding tank and turn on the water pump, opening all the taps. Run the water until you can detect the smell of the Milton fluid coming through the taps and shower heads
  • Leave things alone for a few hours then drain the system again and refill the tank with fresh water
  • Run the taps again until there is no presence at all of the Milton fluid ( you may have to repeat this)
  • How often you need to do this depends on the quality of water you are using and the frequency in which you have been using it

Keeping a 3-6 m length of hose fitted with a universal tap connector in your motorhome is helpful. This way you will know you have a sterile connection if you need it and don’t have to rely on a site’s amenities.

Always use colour coded food grade hoses to differentiate between drinkable water and water used for flushing and/or washing. Some plastic in the waste hoses can leave a taste in the water

Ensure that both ends of the drinking hose are blocked up so no dirt can enter when in storage. Run water through it the next time you need it BEFORE you drink from it

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on any water system equipment you have purchased.

Travelworld has an experienced after-sales team who can advise further on maintaining your motorhome water system. Please call our team today and we will be happy to help.

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