Cause for alarm?

After your main home, a motorhome could well represent the biggest single outlay of your lifetime. And while a house can be broken into, it cannot be stolen. Sadly, that is not the case with motorhomes – and indeed several hundred are taken every year in the UK alone.

It is surprising to learn therefore that only just over half (54%) of motorhomes have alarms fitted, according to financial website This is Money, with far fewer owners still (just 13%) investing in more sophisticated tracking devices.

These figures are even more troubling when you consider that around two-thirds of motorhomes are routinely kept on owners’ driveways, within full view (and easy reach) of would-be thieves.

Finding the best solution for you

The lack of adequate security measures surrounding prized motorhomes is truly puzzling, given how cost-effective it can be to make them ‘safe as houses’. So here at Travelworld, we make it our business to see that customers can enjoy owning their motorhome for many years, by offering a great range of alarms and security solutions.

When it comes to choosing the best alarm system for you, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Like finding the best motorhome, it has to be what is best for you – which differs from person to person, family to family.

Here are some tips to help you find the right alarm system for you and your motorhome:

  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Some devices are so complex you can risk setting them incorrectly or – worse still – losing patience and leaving them off altogether. So make sure you get a model that you can understand and operate with confidence. At Travelworld, our sales people will be glad to demonstrate the alarm for you.
  • Look for an alarm with a two-way pager. This sends an alert to your mobile in the event of a break-in – which may just make the difference between losing and keeping your beloved motorhome.
  • Choose a motorhome alarm system that flashes to indicate it is working. Not only is this an effective deterrent, it is preferable to live with (as opposed to ones which can become annoying with their beeps or buzzes).
  • A bespoke system may cost slightly more but prove cost-effective in the longer run. Buying an ‘off-the-shelf’ alarm is the cheap and easy option if you are in a hurry – but they have limitations. Our advice is to arrange a demonstration before making up your mind.
  • Make some noise! Some of the best alarm systems use internal sirens. Burglars hate this – the last thing they want is attention. Not only does it alert you (and others) to the attempted theft but the intruder cannot hear if someone is approaching. Chances are, they will clear off sharpish.
  • A good alarm makes life hard for the bad guys while you get to live in peace. Your private space should be safe and your nights should be stress-free. This is where a quality, flexible system is so important. Being able to switch off the internal sensors allows you to get up in the night, move around and make a cuppa without the alarm disturbing you – and your neighbours. Meanwhile, the same flexible system can keep the external sensors activated, so alerting you to any suspicious activity outside.
  • Remember the basics - the fundamental requirements for an effective motorhome alarm are, firstly, will it immobilise a motorhome if unauthorised access is gained? Secondly, will it sound a clear alarm to raise awareness of a break-in? Satisfy yourself on these key points before discussing all the other options.

The good news is that there are plenty of excellent alarms on the market offering the basic functions as well as a variety of other features. Please feel free to speak to our Travelworld sales team. Our trained and helpful staff can share personal experience and make sure you get the motorhome alarm solution that meets your individual needs.

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